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Jasmine Chong Spring/Summer 2017

People often ask what inspires me, what makes me pause, and take notice. It's hard to say what exactly it is, but when it happens-- it's unavoidable. I want to tell you about Spring/Summer 2017. Spring/Summer 2017 is more about a feeling than it is about a place. I felt it after going down what seemed like a zillion rickety wooden steps at a cliffside beach in Santa Barbara in the early days of summer. It was quiet, with someone's golden retriever a tan flash of movement in the distance. My friend, Sarah, ran off to take pictures on her iPhone.  Everything felt still, and new, and at peace. The dappled water markings on the rocks, the ebb and flow of...

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The Thing No One Really Tells You About Fashion Design

The thing no one really tells you about fashion is that you're never done. When I thought I was finally finished with the Fall/Winter 2016 collection - I didn’t realise how wrong I was. I sat on my speckled cowhide rug in the studio, staring at the midnight silk charmeuses, the dark as night velvets, the caramel-champagne golds hanging ceremoniously on evenly spaced laser-scorched Jasmine Chong hangers (a habit I picked up at my showroom internship at Halston). Here was the result of months, even years of experimentation, uncertainty, and work. Here was the single most tangible manifestation of the late nights. I almost felt done. There was a sense of relief, perhaps even liberation, but also a precarious feeling of being...

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